Demand communication & Quotation

Apr. 19, 2023

Demand communication & Quotation

Existing products

We have a variety of styles for you to choose from, such as 2-in-1 travel stroller, multifunctional 3-in-1 stroller, one-button folding stroller, outdoor portable stroller, etc. If there is a style you like, please place an order according to the following process.

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Production modal2 in 1 baby strollerMulti-Function 3 In 1 Baby StrollerLatest fashion typeRocking Baby CarriageLightweight stroller
Best-selling countryRussia, Central Asia, BelarusRussia, Central Asia, UKRussia, Central Asia, South Korea, EgyptPhilippines, IndonesiaSouth Korea, Philippines, India, Indonesia
Applicable age0-5 years old0-5 years old0-5 years old0-4 years old1-5 years old
Can it be equipped with car seatsYesYesYesSome modelsNo
Can it be two way pushYesYesYesSome modelsNo
Folding patternOne- button foldingOne- button foldingOne- button foldingOne- button foldingEasy fold

The Research and Development of New Baby Stroller

Purchase process

1. Confirm the demand----According to the customer's order demand, we can provide customers with more suitable, best-selling and innovative product solutions in addition to product introduction, which will help customers expand market share and improve market recognition.

2. Provide quotation----According to customer's demand, we will make detailed quotations from production technology, materials and fabrics, order quantity, packaging requirements, transportation mode and other dimensions to provide customers with efficient, convenient and intuitive refined services in real time.

3. Production and processing ----Strictly control quality, from the vehicle frame, material and fabric aspects. Implement job rotation to ensure timely delivery. And provide customers with progress sharing for various stages of order production.

4. Inspection of packaging ---- Multi-step and multi-link inspection such as ex-factory environmental protection inspection, weighing inspection, seismic inspection and folding inspection shall be implemented. Third-party certification test reports can be issued at the request of customers. The packaging is in the form of durable, environmentally friendly and dustproof double-layer packaging. You can also customize the exclusive order packaging according to your needs.

5. Booking and shipping ---- Collaborate with the highest quality cargo transportation companies to carefully select faster, more efficient, and cost-effective cargo transportation methods for customers. We can provide multiple transportation methods such as automobile, rail, sea, air, and multimodal transportation, providing timely and efficient cargo flow dynamics, and providing protection for customers' goods.

6. After-sales service --- Customers can contact us as soon as possible if they encounter any quality problems after receiving the goods. We are equipped with professional customer service staff, who can answer questions for customers at the first time and provide faster and more efficient solutions to solve your problems.

Demand communication

Custom products OEM ODM

Same as before, except existing products

Design Plan - Our designers design based on your needs and target market needs, and we will maintain communication with you throughout the entire process to keep track of the design progress.

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