Quality Control, Product Testing & After-Sales Service

Oct. 09, 2023

Quality Control, Product Testing & After-Sales Service

Quality control

Our company adheres to the entire process control from design to finished products, ensuring the quality and safety of our products, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality baby products.

1. Design

The company's design team adheres to the concept of providing safer and more comfortable products for babies and more multifunctional and convenient products for parents. Combining the curvature of children's bodies and the intuitive emotional communication between parents and babies, we design better product styles for every family with babies.

2. Material procurement

The procurement department of the company has strict quality requirements for material supply enterprises: the supply enterprises must provide quality inspection reports for the supplied products, and the procurement department of the materials shall conduct on-site inspection, conduct preliminary visual inspection from the perspective of appearance integrity, and conduct professional technical testing for the environmental protection of the supplied materials. After passing the inspection, enter the production ingredient area and wait for processing and production.

3. Production and processing

Shimaotong introduces advanced technology, purchases a large number of excellent equipment, has a high-quality team of workers, and has professional technical personnel and quality inspection departments. Conduct spot checks and inspections on the processed components at all stages of production and processing, and strictly control product quality and processing progress.

4. Packaging and storage

To ensure the transportation safety of the product, double layer packaging is selected using shock-absorbing corrugated cardboard and film made of PP material. After the order is completed, it enters the warehouse delivery area for scheduling and shipment. The company conducts regular inspections of the inventory area to ensure product safety.

Quality Control, Product Testing

Inspection and testing

1. Factory Inspection

According to the safety assessment requirements of the baby stroller, after the product is completed, our company conducts comprehensive and rigorous testing of the stroller from multiple dimensions to ensure its safety and stability.

2. Third Party Testing

Our company has SGS product quality testing certificates, ISO environmental safety testing certificates, and can also provide testing certificate services from other third-party organizations according to customer requirements.

Quality Control, Product Testing

Product after-sales service

1. Transportation safety

We cooperate with multiple experienced and strong logistics and transportation companies to ensure the safety and efficiency of goods.

2. Safety and quality assurance

Our company provides quality assurance after-sales services for the products. If the parts of the stroller are damaged or if natural damage occurs during use, we can provide you with paid services for the original parts of the stroller.

Quality Control, Product Testing

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