Why Does My Baby Hate the Stroller?

Aug. 15, 2023

As a parent, the joy of taking your baby for a stroll can be marred by their seemingly vehement dislike for the baby stroller. While strollers are designed to provide convenience and comfort, it's not uncommon for babies to exhibit resistance or even distress when placed in one. Understanding the reasons behind why your baby hates the stroller can offer valuable insights into addressing their discomfort and ensuring enjoyable outings for both you and your little one.

 Sensory Overload

Babies are highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, and the stroller environment can sometimes overwhelm their senses. The bustling surroundings, unfamiliar sights, sounds, and even the movement of the stroller can trigger sensory overload, leading to fussiness and discomfort. To mitigate this, consider choosing quieter, less crowded routes and gradually introducing your baby to the stroller environment.


 Lack of Interaction


Babies thrive on human interaction and the feeling of closeness to their caregivers. When placed in a stroller, they might feel isolated and disconnected from you, leading to frustration. To combat this, engage your baby while in the stroller by talking, singing, and making eye contact. You can also include a favorite toy or comfort item to provide a sense of familiarity and security.


 Discomfort in Seating


Sometimes, the discomfort your baby expresses might stem from the stroller itself. It's possible that the seating position, harness straps, or padding might not suit your baby's preferences. Ensuring that the stroller is properly adjusted, providing ample cushioning, and positioning your baby comfortably can alleviate physical discomfort.


 Fear of the Unknown


New experiences can evoke fear in babies, and the stroller is no exception. Placing your baby in an unfamiliar contraption with wheels can be intimidating. Gradually introducing the stroller through short and pleasant rides, coupled with soothing words and gentle touches, can help your baby associate positive feelings with the stroller.


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 Nap Disruption


Babies' sleep schedules are crucial, and the stroller rides might inadvertently disrupt their nap routine. If your baby is already tired or hungry, they might express their discontent by crying or resisting the stroller. Timing your outings around your baby's sleep and feeding schedule can help create a more comfortable experience.


 Separation Anxiety


Babies often experience separation anxiety, particularly between 6 to 8 months of age. Placing them in a stroller might trigger feelings of separation from their primary caregiver, leading to distress. Reassure your baby by maintaining eye contact, talking to them, and ensuring they know you are close by.


 Solution-Oriented Strategies


To turn your baby's aversion to the stroller into a positive experience, consider these strategies:


- Gradual Exposure: Introduce the stroller in a calm and gradual manner, allowing your baby to become accustomed to it over time.


- Engagement: Keep your baby engaged by talking, singing, and pointing out interesting things during the stroller ride.


- Comfort: Ensure that the stroller is comfortable, well-padded, and adjusted to your baby's needs.


- Familiarity: Bring along familiar toys, blankets, or comfort items to create a sense of security. 


- Timing: Plan outings around your baby's nap and feeding times to avoid disruptions.


- Affection: Provide physical comfort through gentle touches, hugs, and soothing words.




Understanding why your baby dislikes the stroller can help you approach stroller outings with empathy and effective strategies. By addressing sensory sensitivities, discomfort, and emotional needs, you can transform stroller rides into enjoyable experiences that foster bonding and exploration. Remember that each baby is unique, and patience, attentiveness, and responsiveness are key in ensuring that stroller outings become a cherished part of your baby's developmental journey.

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