How Do Kids' Electric Car Work?

May. 20, 2024

Compared to bikes or scooters, kids electric ride-ons may seem complicated due to their electrical components. However, the mechanics behind them are quite simple. Today, we'll explain how kids' electric ride-on vehicles work and discuss some of their key components.


The Basics of Ride-Ons


When it comes to how the ride-on moves, it's actually a pretty straightforward process. The battery pack gets wired to a motor that turns the wheels that they are attached to. The motor is only activated when your child presses the gas pedal. If there's a reverse option, the connection will tell the motor to move in the opposite direction. That's pretty much it. Some vehicles are made for rougher terrain, though, so they come equipped with two motors—one for the front wheels and one for the back. However, the process is the same.


Kids Electric Car

How Other Components Work


Some ride-ons come with advanced features such as FM radio, Bluetooth speakers, or a working touchscreen. These features are powered by the same battery that drives the vehicle and are activated either by pressing a button or automatically when the car starts.


The Difference with Motorcycle Ride-Ons


Motorcycle ride-ons function similarly in terms of mechanics, but instead of a pedal, they use a throttle to move forward. Additionally, they have a set of detachable training wheels for stability, which are not controlled by the battery but are purely mechanical.


Parental Remotes


A key feature of kids' electric car is the parental remote. Many parents worry about the safety of these toys, as children could easily drive them into traffic. However, this risk is similar to any rideable toy. What sets many of our models apart is the inclusion of a remote control that allows parents to manage the ride-on from a distance.


These remotes connect to the vehicle either via radio frequencies or Bluetooth. Once connected, parents have complete control over the ride-on, ensuring their child doesn't go somewhere unsafe.


How to Modify and Upgrade Electric Ride on Cars for Kids


Modifying your kid's electric car has become increasingly popular among parents. There are several ways to customize a kid's electric car, including:


- Cosmetic modifications like paint jobs or sticker kits.

- Engine/battery modifications to give the car a power boost.


However, there are a few important reminders to keep in mind:


1. Warranty: Modifying your kid's electric car, especially the battery, will void the warranty. Proceed with modifications at your own risk.

2. Safety: Exercise extreme caution when modifying the car. DIY modifications can pose risks to the vehicle's integrity and electronics, so avoid any nasty shocks.

3. Supervision: Ensure proper adult supervision at all times. Safety first!


Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Kid's Car


Before you start swapping stock batteries for new ones to increase the maximum speed, there are a couple of important things to consider:


- Warranty: Modifying the battery of an electric ride-on car will void the warranty. If you're keen to customize your kid's car, be aware that you're doing so at your own risk.

- Safety: There are dangers associated with upgrading a car. You could potentially damage the car and make it unsafe. Ensure your child is under adult supervision at all times while using their modified ride.


How to Make Cosmetic Modifications to Kids' Electric Cars


Cosmetic modifications are the easiest and safest way to enhance your kid's electric car. If you want to treat your kid by repainting, adding a personalized number plate, or upgrading the wheels, here's how:


Personalizing the Number Plate


1. Clean the Area: Before fitting any stickers or decals, ensure the number plate area is properly cleaned to maximize the sticker's durability. Dirt can prevent the sticker from adhering properly and may cause it to peel away.

2. Apply the Sticker: Once the area is clean, simply place the personalized number plate stickers.


Repainting the Electric Ride-On Car


1. Clean the Car: Ensure the car is thoroughly cleaned to allow the paint to adhere properly and to achieve an even coat.

2. Masking Tape: Use masking tape to mark out any patterns or outlines, like go-faster stripes.

3. Apply Primer: Spray the plastic with a primer to help the paint stick and to prevent fading, peeling, or flaking.

4. Paint the Car: Use paint formulated for plastic and apply multiple coats until you reach the desired color.


Changing the Wheels


1. Remove Existing Wheels:

- Remove the wheel caps.

- Unscrew the nut and bolt that secure each wheel.

2. Install New Wheels:

- Attach the new wheel and re-add the nut and bolt.

- Tighten the bolt and replace the wheel cap.


By following these steps, you can easily refresh and personalize your kid's electric ride-on car, making it unique and fun.

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